Members of Take A Knife Save A Life take a rifle off the street.

Members of Take A Knife Save A Life last night on their patrol in Harold Hill found an air rifle.

Tony Joyett, area Co-ordinator for Take A Knife, Save A Life, and his team were out on Thursday, the 19th of March doing their regular weekly Harold Hill Patrol.

Tony’s team included volunteers Rosie Clarkson, Wayne Armstead and Mike Jackman.

Whilst out on patrol and conducting weapon sweeps around the area of Dewsbury Road and Dartfields, Rosie came across a 45 inch long, BB gun/rifle hidden in the bushes.

Rosie told the Havering Daily: “I was shining my torch in bushes as we walked along searching for knives or things that can be used as weapons, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the gun in the bush”.

She added, “This is why I give my time to our local community in order to help make a difference and see our streets a safer place, hopefully bringing everyone together”.

Area Co-ordinator Tony said, “Rosie is a top volunteer and finding that rifle last night was a brilliant find, thank God it didn’t fall into the wrong hands, well done Rosie”.

Police were called as soon as the rifle had been found, Wayne disconnected the battery pack and made sure it was safe prior to the police collecting the weapon.

The team of volunteers weapon sweeping last night in Harold Hill.

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