Harold Hill Deer Aid save distressed deer.

Harold Hill Deer Aid are an amazing team of volunteers that support the local deer community.

Yesterday Councillor Jan Sargent, the local councillor for the area and an animal campaigner, was contacted by a school boy called Billy Wennington to inform her that a deer had become trapped between a school fence and a stream.

Apparently it had been there for two days trying to find its way out.

The Head teacher of the school had contacted the RSPCA but sadly they were unable to help.

Councillor Sargent then put the call out on the Harold Hill Deer Aid group looking for help to rescue this deer.

Councillor Sargent told the Havering Daily: “Luckily enough Shantel Louise and Mick Hockley were free to meet Billy at the brook and after some gentle coaxing managed to help the deer find a safe place to cross. The deer then quite happily trotted off back to join his other herd members. This is another great success story for Harold Hill Deer Aid.”

Harold Hill Deer Aid was formed two years ago when Councillor Jan Sargent, Shantel Louise, Harry Forrester, Abby Smethurst, Gemma Wooley met up to help a deer that had netting caught on his antlers .Since that time the group has now gone from strength to strength with new members joining on a daily basis.

Councillor Sargent added: “Harold Hill are very proud of their deer. There are many of us in the community who do their best to look.out for them .
Group members recently attended a Wildlife First Aid afternoon kindly provided by the South Essex wildlife hospital and regularly meet for litter picks of the deer’s natural environment to keep them safe from uncaring fly tippers. We are always looking for helpers andnew genuine deer friendly members are always welcome.

Harold Hill Deer Aid

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