VIDEO: Councillor Perry resigns calling leader a ‘bully’ and ‘tyrant’.

Conservative Councillor Bob Perry resigned last night just before the full council meeting.

Councillor Perry will now stand as an ‘Independent’ councillor in his Emerson Park ward.

He announced his departure of the Conservative party at 7pm last night just outside of the town hall, half an hour before the full council meeting was due to commence.

Councillor Perry read out his speech stating in it that the abolishment of the free thirty minutes parking had crippled local businesses.

He also went on to say that Havering’s Leader of the Council was a ‘dictatorial tyrant’ and that the party was full of institutional bullying that was being led by a dictator.

He concluded by saying that he had no other alternative but to leave the party and that he was urging other Conservative councillors to do the same.

Councillor Bob Perry last night outside the town hall.

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