VIDEO: ‘I just want to be like all the 22 years old’s and lead a normal life.’

Jordan Stringer was a popular football coach at Hall Mead School in Upminster for nearly five years. The 22 year old spent his time coaching special needs children and giving everything he could to his local community.

In 2018 he was diagnosed with testicular cancer on the right side which he fought and was given the all clear.

Now, Jordan has been suffering horrific pains down his left side and has been told that he requires ‘denervation’ treatment for him to be able to lead a normal life free from pain.

Jordan told the Havering Daily: I have been told that I need something called microsurgical denervation, this is the only thing that can stop me from being in constant pain.”

Unfortunately this treatment is not available on the NHS, so Jordan now needs to raise £6,000 for his treatment to be able to lead a normal life.

I have been back and forth to the hospital at the Accident and Emergency department in terrible pain. I have very sharp ongoing pains that make it very hard for me to have a good quality of life.

The consultant I saw said he would be able to do the operation but not on the NHS. So now I have to find £6,000 to be able to have this vital operation.

I need this operation to get my life back. I have no life at the moment, even taking my dogs out to the park puts me in a great deal of pain.

I have now been diagnosed with clinical depression as I have lost all the quality of my life. I just want to be like all the other 22-year old’s out there and be able to lead a normal life.”

If you would like to help fund Jordan, here is the link to his gofundme page.

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