EXCLUSIVE: Councillor White vindicated after false bullying accusations.

Councillor Damian White has been vindicated after Conservative Campaign Head Quarters told the Havering Daily that the Leader of Havering Council was not being investigated for bullying.

A post on facebook yesterday stated that Councillor White had been called to Conservative headquarters regarding accusations of bullying within his own administration.

Councillor White exclusively told the Havering Daily: “These were utter lies and I’m glad that I have been vindicated.”

There has been an ongoing smear campaign against Havering’s Leader of the Council, both on Facebook and twitter that have made many false accusations against him.

The Havering Daily contacted Conservative Campaign Head Quarters and was told that there was no investigation.

This is another example of people spreading more lies about me. They are accusing me of bullying when it clearly seems they are the ones doing the bullying. Unfortunately they have made this very personalised and I am quite dismayed by all these false allegations that they are using to their own advantage.

The parking charges decision was not one the council took lightly. We have had a lot of many difficult decisions to make and despite what people are saying of course we want to support our high streets.

We have said repeatedly that when we get real new money we will review all these difficult decisions that we have made and see what changes we can make.

We are about to publish our Budget Strategy and are working hard everyday to provide the best for all our residents.

I’m glad I have been vindicated, there has been a smear campaign against me. Now the people who have made these false allegations should either reveal their sources or stop spreading mistruths.

The facebook post accusing Councillor White of bullying.

One thought on “EXCLUSIVE: Councillor White vindicated after false bullying accusations.

  • 5th February 2020 at 2:15 pm

    Would the Conservative Party actually tell you if they were dealing with an ‘internal matter’ like that? I seem to recall that when a different but equally important issue was raised a year or so ago, we were told it was none of our business.


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