‘I saw a gang of five males, all aged between 17-25 years old wearing hoddies. They broke into my house whilst we were upstairs asleep.’

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A family from Hornchurch had their car stolen off their drive as they slept in their bed.

The incident happened yesterday in the early hours of the morning along Ennerdale Avenue around three o’clock.

Zoe, mum of three did not notice that her car had been stolen until eight o’clock when her son searched for his keys.

My son went to get his keys before leaving for school, and it was then that we noticed all our keys were missing. When we opened the door, of course, we saw that our car had been stolen and that the rest of our keys were left in our neighbour’s front garden.

Zoe went across the road to her neighbour’s house who has CCTV and managed to actually see from their footage how the night’s events transpired.

I saw a gang of five males, all aged between 17-25 years old wearing hoddies. They arrived at our house just after 3 am and broke in whilst we were upstairs asleep and took the key unit off the wall.

They then returned between 5-5.30 am and one stood with his hand on our front door handle whilst the others drove our car off the front drive.”

The incident was reported to the police but so far no police have been to collect the CCTV footage or speak to Zoe.

I’m waiting for the police to come, they told me they were not sending any forensics to us as the keys had been left in the rain too long and that the suspects were probably wearing gloves. You can’t get my key off the ring wearing gloves.

I just think they aren’t really interested.

Zoe has been left angered and upset by the whole incident and disappointed by the police’s behaviour.

The police can’t be bothered. The whole incident has been very upsetting. To know that we were upstairs asleep and thieves were downstairs in our home is so frightening.

Imagine if one of my children had gone downstairs to get a glass of water? When you see the actual event take place before you on CCTV, it makes you sick to the stomach. It’s not just the inconvenience of having lost your car, it’s also the extra lighting we have now bought, more security locks on our door. All these things.

I didn’t sleep well last night, I kept looking out of the window to check on the courtesy car we have been given. Every little noise made me jump and think what is that?

I had my father’s coat in the back of my car. My father has just recently passed away and now I will never be able to replace it. It’s things like this that are so upsetting. Knowing that it has probably been dumped somewhere without any care.

What angers me is that if we had seen our car being stolen from out of the window and gone down with a baseball bat, we would now be the ones in trouble.

” I’m shocked and upset by it all. It’s awful.”

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