‘My son was chased through Romford after being mugged and no one stopped to help’.

A Hornchurch mother of three whose son was mugged is urging other parents to report muggings and stand united as a community against the increase in violence.

Kelly’s 13 year old son was mugged outside of Romford train station two weeks ago by a gang of seven black males all wearing balaclavas.

“My son was mugged and he didn’t even tell me straight away. When he did he said ‘mum it happens all the time now’. I couldn’t believe it,” Kelly told the Havering Daily.

“My son was chased through Romford and no one stopped to help. We must report these incidents. If something happens report it. I know it seems like nothing gets done as the police are so stretched but we must report them.

“Tell your children to run to a safe place, go to the nearest place they can ask for help.

“Our children are scared now to wear nice clothes in fear of getting mugged. My son lost his jacket. He said to me ‘Mum it’s probably because it was a NorthFace Jacket.’ This is how our children are growing up, scared to wear nice clothes because gangs of teenagers from outside the borough are coming here to mug our children.”

“On Saturday I was walking with my eldest son in Hornchurch when I noticed three young lads all in Year 7, so aged 12 years old walking to the pound shop. Then I noticed a group of older boys start to follow them. I saw the young lads run into Sainsbury’s for help and the gang wait outside the shop for them.

“As they left the shop I saw the older boys head off after them and you could clearly see they were up to no good.

“I caught up with the three young lads and with the help of my son we got them to a safe place where they called their parents and were collected and taken home.

“These youths know there is no come back after, they have no one to answer to and no respect for anyone. They come out here to Havering to mug our children.

“It shouldn’t have to be like this. These gangs are getting away with it because the police have had so many cuts that they are so stretched. It’s like fighting a losing battle but we must stick together now and help our children”.

5 thoughts on “‘My son was chased through Romford after being mugged and no one stopped to help’.

  • 13th January 2020 at 12:41 pm

    My son was mugged similarly at the bottom of petits lane close to the police station a couoke if weeks before Christmas – a bus driver told the police about cctv from her bus as she witnessed it . A gang of kids stood watching and cheering. Luckily I drove out to find him having had a bad feeling and picked him up as he fled . What can police do when these thugs cover their faces? The only answer is a larger police presence on the streets .

  • 13th January 2020 at 1:03 pm

    My son and his friends nearly got mugged outside mod pizza in the brewery Romford. It was only his quick thinking to go back into the restaurant and his friends followed they went away. Reported it to the police and they said there was nothing they could do. It’s absolutely disgusting.

    • 13th January 2020 at 1:49 pm

      But the area still votes for the party who made the police cutbacks. It’s so sad. The police need to be a visible deterrent patrolling the streets but they don’t have the resources thanks to the Tory party cutting 20000 officers across the country.

  • 13th January 2020 at 1:41 pm

    The police may be stretched but to do absolutely nothing with no follow up is appalling.

  • 13th January 2020 at 5:44 pm

    Sorry to read about your boys. Thank you for highlighting it. I live in Harold Park, and residents/parents set up their own patrols. Hope this helps.


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