‘The water smelt funny and it left a slimy feeling in your mouth.’

An Elm Park woman has contacted the water company following serious concerns over the smell of her water.

The single mum of two who does not wish to be named, began contacting Essex and Suffolk Water at the start of December following a strong smell coming from her shower.

She told the Havering Daily:

I could smell something strange and at first I thought it was the drains outside, then the smell began stinking out my whole house and I was really worried.

I ran a shower one evening and as I let the water run I recognised the same smell that had been worrying me and realised it was coming from the water.

I contacted the water company on December 4th and told them about the smell, they told me it was the time of year and not to worry.

When you drank a glass of water it left a slimy taste in your mouth and a stain aaround the glass so I started to boil my water.”

The single mum was not satisfied with what the water company told her and decided to ring them back as the smell was still coming through her house.

I rang them a second time and informed them that the smell was still strong and that I was boiling my water and concerned when I was bathing my children. They told me not to worry and that it could be coming from my washing machine.

Now I have seen a post on facebook where a lady has been informed that her water has three times too much chlorine than it should so now I’m worried that is what’s in my water too.

The Elm Park resident has now contacted Essex and Suffolk Water who are coming out to test her water next week.

The Havering Daily contacted Essex and Suffolk Water for a statement.

On Saturday 28th of December we had one report in relation to the water quality in the RM10 area which we immediately responded to.

Although initial concerns were raised around the possible level of chlorine in the customer’s water, extensive lab tests carried out showed that the levels were normal and not high.

Further testing was carried out to confirm this and we were able to confirm to the customer that there water supply was fine.

Customers can be reassured that water quality is checked at every stage of its journey from our treatment works to our customer’s taps to ensure the water is safe.”

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