Exclusive video: Volunteer bus stop monitors needed.

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Stephen Gowers from ‘Take A Knife Save A Life’ has put a call out to all parents in the borough to come out and spare an hour a day during school time to be a bus stop monitor.

Following the increase in muggings and robberies of school children in the borough, Stephen is now asking for volunteers to please come out and spare an hour in their day to help be a bus stop monitor.

Stephen told the Havering Daily:

I’m tired of hearing about our children being mugged on the way home from school. I’d like to ask parents and carers across the borough if they could please come and join Take A Knife Save A Life and become bus stop monitors.

With bus stop monitors our children can have a safe please to go when they leave school.”

Stephen Gowers.

Stephen and Kevin Greenwood have also set up a ‘Second Chance class’ for local youths in the area who have had difficulties. The pair teach boxing classes at Greenwood’s boxing gym in Hornchurch and have been helping getting children off the street and into boxing classes.

Kevin Greenwood and Stephen Gowers.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a volunteer bus stop monitor please email us at newsdesk@thehaveringdaily.co.uk

One thought on “Exclusive video: Volunteer bus stop monitors needed.

  • 20th November 2019 at 9:50 am

    That’s a good idea. My granddaughter has just started secondary school, and so far has witnessed a boy being punched in the face, foodfight on the bus, and was dragged out of her seat because an older girl wanted to sit. This is a school bus specific to one school, so all her peers 😢


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