‘I felt gutted, angry and upset. I had done all that work and they couldn’t even be bothered to go in and arrest the guy’.

Hero Harold Hill mum Sharlene Tees feels utterly ‘disappointed and distressed’ by the way she has been treated by the local police in Havering.

Single mum of two Sharlene not only tracked down her stolen car, found the thief who stole it, got witness statements for the police and confronted the thief and got her mobile phone back without any support from the police.

I gave them an easy case, I handed them my case with a little bow on it, all they had to do was arrest the suspect.”

Not only did the police leave Sharlene standing out there for seven hours before they arrived at the address where her stolen car was at, but they failed to enter the premises and speak to the suspect.

When the police arrived I confirmed to them it was my car and they told me they would get it taken to the police car pound and that I would have to pay £150 and £25 everyday from there. I asked them if they were going in to speak to the suspect and they joked ‘perhaps he will come out and speak to us’.

I had been waiting seven hours for them to arrive, I had tracked down my own stolen car, got statements from neighbours, all they had to do was go in and get him but they didn’t. They drove off.

As soon as I found my car I called the police and told them, I also informed them that it had different plates on that I had checked with the DVLA that came back as a Peugeot. I asked the police to please do a check on the licence plates and they answered because of the clocks changing their computers had been effected”.

Sharlene was left to speak to the suspect herself which she did and bravely managed to get her mobile phone back no thanks to the police.

The single mum did not hear anymore from the police despite begging and pleading with them to go in and speak with the suspect. However, five days later she received a letter from the police stating that her case was being closed.

I felt gutted, angry and upset. I had done all that work and they couldn’t even be bothered to go in and arrest the guy”.

Since being in the Havering Daily and out on social media the police have now assured Sharlene that her case is not closed and that they are still actively seeking the suspect who is believed to have fled the house where he was tracked to.

They should have got him there and then, I feel so let down by the police. I did all the work myself all they had to do was go in and speak with him. Now he is still out there and knowing where I live. I am so disappointed by them, when they arrived I thought ‘oh good I feel safe now’ but instead I was left to deal with it all myself.

Sharlene has since been visited by a police inspector and assured that they are doing everything they can. Somehow Sharlene does not feel so assured.

She finished :

Every crime matters not just the big ones but all of them. The little ones lead to the big ones so they should all be taken seriously“.

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