VIDEO: Enough about Brexit our children are dying on the streets. HAVERING SAYS NO.

Despite the wet and grey conditions Havering residents came out to march in unity against youth violence.

The ‘your city says no’ campaign was organised by Peggy Kato in Havering and saw anti knife organisations come out to support the event.

Havering’s charity ‘Take a knife Save a life’ were marching with the crowd and helped organise the event. Their volunteers including, Stephen, Rob, Paula and Peter all stood hand in hand with bereaved parents.

Also present were many local councillors including Councillor Viddy Persaud, Jan Sargent, Graham Williamson and Tele Lawal.

GLA member for Havering Keith Prince and Romford Labour’s Angelina Leatherborrow were also walking to show their support for this important cause.

Bereaved family members walked together to offer each other help and to support this important event. Peggy Kato who lost her son Champion, marched with Sue Hedges who lost her son Ricky Hayden and Jodie Chesney’s aunt was also present.

The event was very moving and left its mark on the community.

Sue Hedges told the Havering Daily: ‘We are here today to make awareness that our youth are still leaving the earth so cruelly. Nothing is being done about this so we are doing a peaceful demonstration to let everyone know that we are still here, we maybe silent and don’t create like a lot of other groups but please take note as this is how my son ended up’.

Councillor Viddy Persaud told the Havering Daily: ‘We are here today to show our strength and support to this important event. It is important that we are united and come together and march against youth violence.’

Councillor Jan Sargent told the Havering Daily: ‘Today it does not matter what party you are from but that we show a united front and make a stand together against youth violence and the knife crimes blighting our streets.’

The march started at Romford police station and made its way to the train station where a minute’s silence was held.

Check out the video.

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