‘The Channel tunnel was completed quicker than the council installing a toucan crossing, residents deserve better.’

In 2013 a petition was launched by a group of residents in Romford asking the council to install a pedestrian crossing.

This was agreed by the council in 2015 and now four years later the residents are still awaiting the implementation of this crossing due to a land dispute.

Residents at Reflection Romford (Wave Court, Hunt Court, and Pulse Court) along Waterloo Road, have struggled to cross the dual carriage way, with risks of being knocked down or having to use the subway in the opposite direction.

Many residents are not given parking facilities, so there only means of travel is by walking.

A crossing would make the development more accessible and much safer for residents.

Waterloo Road

Local resident Deborah told the Havering Daily, ‘This crossing is very important for us here on the estate. We have experienced lots of problems either trying to cross the road or using the subway.

As a lady with the long winter nights coming in, I don’t feel very safe using the subway. There are lights there but I still always check who is walking along there first. Even for school children walking home it can be quite scary.

The installation of this crossing would be a prayer come true. To cross the road everyday can be so dangerous and if we don’t then we have to walk all the way to the South Street end. I nearly got myself killed walking along there once.

The paths to walk along can be very dangerous as they are very narrow and you can run the risk of getting knocked off.

‘I don’t know why it’s taking so long to sort out but we really need it.’

A member of Romford Labour told the Havering Daily, ‘The proposed toucan crossing for Waterloo Road still hasn’t been installed. The saga has now dragged on for over six years, a ridiculous length of time.

Residents are quite understandably outraged at the delay. Romford Labour have been in contact with the Leader of the Council, Councillor Damian White for a while now asking for an estimated date for installation.

No date has yet been received during the course of our enquiries and our latest request hasn’t even received a reply. We have therefore been forced to ask The Havering Daily to take up the case for residents and push for this crossing to be put in place with no further delay.

The Channel tunnel was completed quicker than Havering council installing a toucan crossing, residents deserve better.’

The crossing is due to be built this year.

2 thoughts on “‘The Channel tunnel was completed quicker than the council installing a toucan crossing, residents deserve better.’

  • 4th October 2019 at 4:36 pm

    The delay in installation of this crossing is a joke . It seems like Havering Council’s Leader Damian White is more concerned with becoming an MP in Dagenham than keeping residents safe in Romford.

  • 5th October 2019 at 5:04 pm

    I’m one of the residents who has been waiting for this vital crossing to be installed. Despite living almost directly opposite the path leading to Romford Station and the Brewery, I am forced to walk 300 meters in the exact opposite direction to the subway under the roundabout, zig-zag my way down and zig-zag back out to the other side and then walk another 300 meters to the spot I live directly opposite. This adds over half a mile of wasted walking when a simple crossing that would benefit thousands of residents would mean ensure this journey is safer, more convenient and takes seconds to make.

    The subway itself is often full of homeless people. It’s flooded during the rain. People openly abuse drugs and there is always the fear of being mugged or attacked. Many of the flats on the Old Church estate have no parking so at the very least access to public transport should have fewer rather than more barriers. Is it any wonder dozens of people every hour choose to jump over the barriers putting themselves and traffic in general at risk of collision.

    Its baffling to think that a crossing had been approved and fully funded over 4yrs ago and there is still absolutely no sign of it every being installed. I appreciate these projects can suffer delays but one seems to be taking the lead to ensure its delivery. No one in any position of authority at the council is taking any ownership of this project. The residents on the estate have been abandoned to this misery.

    The current Romford administration have proven themselves to be absolutely useless in communicating or delivering a shred of progress on this project. I have lost all hope of ever seeing this crossing being delivered.


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