VIDEO ‘People need to realise that this crisis is real and happening now’.

Members of Havering’s Extinction Rebellion.

The Havering branch of Extinction Rebellion met today outside Romford town hall to read a declaration of emergency.

The group lead by Nolly O Leary, gathered together to make Havering residents aware of the climate and ecological crisis the country is facing.

Nolly told the Havering DailyThere will be an October Rebellion commencing in London on the 7th of October which we will be participating in.

This time last year Extinction Rebellion declared their rebellion against the Government for their inaction on climate change and the ecological crisis.

Today is about holding a re-declaration ahead of the October actions in a couple of weeks to let the councils around the UK and globally know that this is still happening and we are still passionate about this and we can’t hide away from this.

I’d like the council to take the climate and ecological crisis seriously and be more aware of the truth and how people do feel about it. Recent polls have said that people are more concerned about climate change than Brexit. Changes need to be implemented locally. We are one of the worst boroughs for walking and cycling and we have the worst facilities, so people are using their car more and causing more pollution.

People need to realise that this crisis is real and happening now’.

Alfie Castel O Leary reading the declaration of emergency

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