Seven year old Elliott litter picks through his Christmas holidays to raise money for animals.

Seven year old Elliott Larner really is a community hero. The local lad has donned his Santa hat and littered picked right throughout his Christmas holidays in a bid to save our wildlife and to help raise money for animal charity the RSPCA.

Elliott is an animal lover who feared that dumped rubbish on our streets can cause problems for our wildlife who already fight to exist with so many housing developments being built on our green spaces.

The seven year old began his litter picking campaign in the spring last year after watching an episode of Blue Peter that showed just how devastating and dangerous litter can be to animals. Since then, he has been out on our streets, collecting as much litter as he can.

Elliott is a huge animal lover and a vegetarian and was really upset to see how litter impacts our wildlife and animals.

Mum Laura Dorrington told the Havering Daily:

“We talked about how he could help and I said I would message our local council to see if we could borrow some litter picking tools. They were brilliant and dropped them off at our house the next day and had a chat with Elliott to welcome him to the team and to tell him he’s a hero!

“We stopped in the autumn after it turned colder and wetter, but then his school announced a voluntary challenge called the Citizenship Award. They set the challenge for the kids to find a charity close to their heart to support and to be a good citizen. Elliott wanted to start litter picking again as it helps the whole community and helps protect wildlife from harm so we chose to do it for the RSPCA. He decided we should wear Santa hats while we are picking litter to help spread Christmas cheer throughout the community. We even sometimes hide the bin bag in a Santa sack too!

“I got him a high vis jacket and he wrote ‘RSPCA Christmas Superhero’ on the back so everybody would know why he was doing it.”

Elliot has collected six full bags of rubbish since the end of November and has been announced as the winner of the Citizenship Award at his school.

Well done Elliott for being an amazing community champion and for supporting our wildlife and animals that need so much help.

Seven year old Elliott in his Santa hat and high vis jacket ready to go litter picking.
Elliott our Christmas super hero.
Elliott out litter picking.

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