‘Lark the Shark’-Collier Row lady and her son write an amazing children’s book.

A former hairdresser from Collier Row has now become a successful author after writing a book with her eight year old son. Natalie Newman has written a book entitled ‘Lark the Shark’ dispelling the incorrect myth that all sharks are bad and tackling the subject of water pollution.

Natalie told the Havering Daily: “It started when my son Henry came home from school with homework he had to complete about water pollution. We started looking at the water and I have always been a shark admirer and was discussing with my then 7 year old about how sharks get such a bad reputation. All they are doing is being at home in their ocean. We were also discussing pollution in the environment, in the ocean and what we can do to help.”

From all these discussion Lark was born and his journey began. Now Natalie and her son are on their way to completing a second book.

She continued: “Working with Henry was fun and exciting. We bounced ideas off each other and it was a lovely bonding experience.”

Natalie and Henry’s book has done so well that it has been featured in the Marine Conservation Society Education Hub and Natalie has been giving many talks to educational institutions across the world.

“It has been a great experience for both of us and we both love reading and literature.”

Lark the Shark can be found at all bookstores and Amazon.

Well done Natalie and Henry for promoting sharks and the vast problem of water pollution and bringing this to people’s attention. Education is the key in teaching people about our wildlife and stopping pollution.

Lark the Shark.

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