VIDEO: Residents delighted as 60ft mound earth is to be removed.


Residents living on Wallis Close in Hornchurch are celebrating after being told that a 60ft mound of earth at the back of their homes is going to be moved as the area becomes landscaped.

Wallis Close on the St Leonard’s estate is at the back of the new sports centre being built in Hornchurch and residents living between the numbers 13-18 have been over looking a 60ft mound of earth and diggers climbing on top of it.

Now, they have been told that the area is going to be cleared and landscaped and that ‘Henman’s Hill’ as it has be dubbed, is going.

Tina who lives at number 16 with her husband Geoff told the Havering Daily: “We were very worried as this mound is getting bigger and bigger and everyday we watch them add more earth to it. We really feared it was going to stay there. It is great news that it is going to go.”

Residents Oz and Sal living at number 18 have the closest view of the mound directly outside of their back door and can even wave at the workmen who drive the digger on the site!

Tina continued: “We were all absolutely ecstatic to be told that the mound is going and that the area is going to be landscaped. We are pleased Havering will have a new sports centre but this mound has been getting bigger each day and all of us here feared we were going to be stuck with Henman’s Hill.

“It has caused a lot of problems for residents like us living at the back of the area. The dust and noise has been endless. There have been clouds of dust everywhere and all you can see is the mound getting bigger. This is why we were really worried it wasn’t going to be moved.”

After contacting the Havering Daily last week, we were delighted to share the news from Cabinet Member Councillor Viddy Persaud who told the Havering Daily: “There is currently a mound of earth on this site due to the on-going construction of the new leisure centre. It’s not permanent and will be moved as soon as the landscaping planning application for the site has finished.

“We have been in consultation with neighbours on the application and welcome all comments and concerns so residents can get the most out of the new leisure centre.”

Locals are now celebrating and looking forward to the new sports centre and the removal of the 60ft mound of earth known as Henman’s Hill!

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