Romford MP working hard to get stranded Brits back home.

The Romford MP Andrew Rosindell has been inundated with calls for help from stranded Havering residents abroad.

He told the Havering Daily: “Any constituents stranded overseas can be assured that I am doing all in my power to get you back with the foreign office and those in most danger will be prioritised.

If you are stranded abroad please email me on

I have constituents stranded in:

Thailand – they are being forced to stay in a villa with limited rations.

Peru – stranded in remote parts of the country and unable to get back to the capital due to lockdown.

India – Many people running low on supplies, unable to leave their residence and being threatened by locals.

Australia – people unable to afford the last remaining expensive flight.

Venezuela – person stranded on island with local airport shut
Bali, Indonesia – no flights available.

Cambodia – last flights too expensive.

Spain – apparently new flights given to them, so here’s hoping.

New Zealand – last flights too expensive.

Egypt – flights eventually repatriated for them.

Coral Princess Cruise Ship – was refused to dock at Rio and now being refuelled in Barbados, they were hoping to get on a rescue flight there in order to avoid going to the US for quarantine.

We need the FCO to ratchet this rescue mission up as fast as possible and use the RAF if we can, to get our people home safely.”

Andrew 🇬🇧

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