‘There are many deniers in Havering, people need to learn the truth about climate change.’

Climate change is something on the forefront of all our minds and a topic that is being widely debated right across the world.

Today, the Havering Daily, met Nolly from Havering’s branch of Extinction Rebellion to talk about the serious issues happening across the world.

We formed in May this year and have a group of about fifteen regular members. Our main aim is to spread awareness of climate and ecological change throughout the borough.

Sadly there are a lot of ‘deniers’ here in Havering and we have received a lot of abuse from them. People assume that we are all brainwashed and often talk down to us or abuse us.

We are trying to educate people on important issues such as the use of single use plastic. We would like to implement a borough wide programme for schools to help people learn about pollution and the main causes of it.

People assume we don’t want the use of any cars in the borough, that’s not true, It’s about proportion, walking when you can and using the car when you have to. We aren’t saying to never use your car.’

Nolly recently had difficulities outside Havering town hall when she was protesting about climate change.

One councillor came up to us and began saying that climate change did not exist. Councillor Durant approached us and said that he did not believe that there was a climate change and that the earth needs levels of carbon monoxide for us to breath.

We were quite shocked at his views but used to deniers. There is a lot of ignorance out there in the borough, that is why we are keen to educate people as much as possible.’

Nolly changed her life when she came across Extinction Rebellion protestors in London. Her views changed and her way of living changed dramatically as her and family, including both of her children are now vegan.

I began to look at how we were living and I looked into animal farming and the impact it is making on our society. I watched films such as ‘Dominion’ and others liked that, that made me cry and from the day after we went vegan including my two children.

My two boys are keen vegans, it’s hard with school meals to cater for vegans. The key is education and teaching people about key aspects such as single use plastic and things like wet wipes that people often believe are degradable but instead land up in the ocean.

People are often scared of vegans and don’t really understand why we are making these changes in our lives. We need people to look at the climate and ecological changes happening on our planet and look at what they can do to help.’

The Havering Daily spoke to Councillor David Durant and asked him for his views on this matter.

He said ‘I believe climate change is an elementary scam. There are many things that determine climate change. Carbon monoxide is essential to the earth, we need it to breath. Man made emissions are minute.

It an old religious creed to shout things like ‘the end of the world is nigh’. They are believers without looking at scientific evidence.

‘Even Noah said ‘it never flooded like this when I was a boy.’ These people are a corporate green sales team.’

The next Havering Extinction Rebellion meeting is on Friday the 13th of September at the South Hornchurch Community centre. at 6.30pm along Nelson Road.

3 thoughts on “‘There are many deniers in Havering, people need to learn the truth about climate change.’

  • 6th September 2019 at 8:02 pm

    Firstly when you say there’s Alot of deniers in havering how do you rate this as there’s tens of thousands of people in havering.

    Secondly you say the deniers are talking down to you yet you go onto say you are trying to educate people etc. May I ask what your education or training is that means you are able to educate people on this subject

    Third you say you aren’t about no car usage in havering yet your central group want zero carbon etc. How can both those marry up in a same organisation


  • 7th September 2019 at 3:12 pm

    The elementary point is human emissions of carbon dioxide only make up about 0.0012% of the atmosphere and is easily eclipsed by variations in naturally occurring carbon dioxide which itself only makes up about 0.04% of the atmosphere.

    Many other far more significant things determine climate, including the Sun, hence why Climate Jehovah’s preach alarmist “end of the world is nigh” rather than address basic science about the wonderful benefits of carbon dioxide which like oxygen is essential to life on earth.

    I don’t doubt many people sincerely believe the “end of the world is nigh” and humans are to blame, its been the refrain of religious preachers throughout the ages, but behind this belief are the money men and vested interests who use it for their own selfish advantage, which in turn undermines the environment.

  • 9th September 2019 at 9:58 am

    Extinction Rebellion are not to be compared to any religious group! (This is offensive) They are regarded as a community group who seek political change, inclusivity (all race and religions welcome) and redirect negative energy to positive action and have fun doing it!

    Following research from NASA on climate change, it is widely accepted by climate scientists that we produce ‘greenhouse’ gasses that heat up the atmosphere. For more information on climate change see:


    I think for myself and younger generations, we are taught in secondary school the science about climate change and even primary schools are starting to get on board to teach children about ways in which they can help the environment and be healthy such as the walk to school scheme and Bikeability.


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