Jesus our Christmas tree

This is Jesus our Christmas tree, so named as until Saturday it was growing in our front garden. 
When attempting to cut it down a neighbour asked my hubby why and where it was going, once explained he said ‘Jesus’
Once in the house, we realised it was a bit too tall so it was topped and tailed it and my son said, at the sight of the cuttings ‘Jesus, will there be any left?’  
Back in the house and the decorating got underway we quickly realised we didn’t have enough baubles so I quickly popped to the shops to grab some more, on my return hubby saw the recipe and said ‘Jesus you spent how much?’
 By early evening it was up and sparkling in all its splendour but by Sunday night we had discovered a whole colony of bugs who were living in it no longer like there sparkling digs and were moving to all corners of my house. Upon climbing the stairs to bed I jumped out my skin at the sight of the biggest 6 legged bug I have ever seen and woke hubby up with a ‘Jesus!’



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