VIDEO: Anti knife crime crusader delivers first bleed kit to Brentwood.

Julie Taylor has made it her mission to deliver as many bleed kits across the country as she possibly can. On behalf of the Liam Taylor Legacy, Julie has delivered 69 bleed kits and bleed control kits right across the country.

Julie lost her grandson Liam two years ago to knife crime and following his tragic murder, Julie has vowed to try and save as many lives as she possibly can be installing these vital life saving tools across the country.

These are Daniel Baird bleed kits that are approved by the London Ambulance Service and donated by Lynne Baird from the Daniel Baird Foundation. They include chest seals and tourniquets to stop catastrophic bleeding as a result of a knife wound, gun shot wound or road traffic collision.

Yesterday, Julie installed the first bleed kit in Brentwood at the CKN bar on Kings Road, thanks to assistant manager Paula who was pleased to accept the kit at her bar.

Julie was also joined by Essex Police Sergeant James Bugden from the local Brentwood policing team who was pleased to come and support Julie and all her work and local community worker Perry the Founder of the 21 Movement who supports youths in the area.

Great work by all who combined forces to stand up against knife crime.

Julie with Sergeant James, Paula and Perry.

Sergeant James, Julie and the ladies from the Brentwood CKN bar on the Kings Road.

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