Jesting with Mr Jones

Local resident Leo Jones continues in jest with his round-up of the recent articles in the Havering Daily.

I start this week with an apology to Messrs Rosindell and White regarding their letters and articles referring to the Palms Hotel. With all the talk and media output concerning the Afghan refugees lately, it is to those whom I referred to, that Priti Patel wanted to house in the Palms Hotel. This was not the case. Both Mr Rosindell and Mr White were talking about asylum seekers, and for my error in saying otherwise, please accept my apologies.

Havering Council ‘mugging staff off.’

What can one say about the mugs who are running this Council and the even bigger mug in charge? Really Mr White, is that all your cronies thought processes are capable of when the Council finds itself losing staff faster than a bath with no plug, loses water. Maybe the Council has a 50p suggestion scheme. You know the one, suggest something useful and money-saving and we’ll pay you 50p for your idea. It wouldn’t be too hard to imagine that only one idea was put forward, and rather than lose face, it was made out to be the best of a bad bunch. Something along the lines of… ‘What can we do to encourage our staff to stay? Why don’t we issue them all with a mug? A special one they will be able to cherish for years to come.’ Brilliant idea! Unfortunately, to make a ludicrous situation far worse, they weren’t even packed properly. It certainly will be remembered, for all the wrong reasons… broken pieces, bit like the Conservatives broken promises.

Please Mr White, as the Conservative Leader of the Council, do us all a favour. Actually try to find out the real reason why the staff are leaving, and address it in a proper manner as any self-respecting Leader would. Not treating your staff as mugs for one, would be a great start. This unintelligent idea really brings home the words of Mr Rosindell, in his article on how he convinced the Government to think again about the Palms Hotel. ‘… this patently wrong decision, demonstrating the effectiveness of Conservatives in positions of power – whether that’s in Parliament or in City Hall.’ Yes folks, a bunch of mugs in positions of power. Roll on the next Council elections when we can all mug the lot of them off, ourselves.

Amend Tenant Fees Act to make bringing pets into rented accommodation easy – Andrew Rosindell MP.

Absolutely amazing how many people you were able to approach for their positive spin on changing the Tenant Fees Act. Normally, when you discuss things, one tries to show a balanced approach, but not on this occasion…. So, 77% of landlords say pet damage insurance should be available. Really. As a landlord, I for one, won’t take out any pet insurance for my tenant’s pets. Why should I suffer twice, yes twice? When the tenant’s pet destroys the property, it’s my insurance premiums that will rise, as well as the aggravation I will have to go through to put it right.

Sadly, only 53% of pet owners would take out pet damage insurance if required by a landlord. That is not good enough. If you and your ‘list of signatories’ want pets in rented properties, then it has to be on the basis that 100% of tenants MUST have pet insurance as part of their tenancy agreement. That insurance MUST cover ALL repair costs and any other costs directly associated with the damage, such as rent etc.

Because Insurance companies appear to be making it difficult to obtain tenant pet insurance, if it makes things any easier for your pet-owning tenants to get their pets into rented accommodation, perhaps, as part of your ‘pets in rented homes’ campaign, you could ask the government, local councils, or your ‘list of signatories’, if they will cover the costs of any damages and loses? No. I didn’t think so. Therefore, for now, and forever, as a Landlord, NO PETS, NO SMOKERS, NO IFS, BUTS, OR OTHERWISE! MP’s without pets welcome….

Romford MP calls on Home Secretary to ‘get to grips’ with border control after report shows record crossings in July already surpassed last year’s total.

Mr Rosindell MP., the most prolific letter writer going.

Your letter will have as much effect on Priti Patel as every other MP’s requests, letters and private discussions have had on many previous occasions. And those responses will be equally demonstrated by her reactions to all the media clamour that is being generated every other day when more migrants land on the Kent coast.

All Priti Patel will do, as she has done on every other occasion in the past, is to pay the problem lip service, promise the French a few million more to do the job we have already paid them to do, then move on to the next ‘crisis’. This, if you had the b**** to publish her reply, would be proved when all she will say is how hard she is working to resolve the situation. This is exactly what she has been repeating ad nauseam, or ad infinitum, (you choose, though both are equally correct) since she acquired the position of Home Secretary and the migrants started crossing the English Channel. You couldn’t publish your own letter, guaranteed you won’t publish her reply!

All talk no action, demonstrating once again, the effectiveness of Conservatives in positions of power – whether that’s in Parliament or in City Hall.

Havering Council to offer accommodation and support to Afghan refugees.

In one week, Mr White and Mr Rosindell condemn Priti Patell for seeking to use the Palms Hotel to house asylum seekers, then in the next ‘breath’ the council are offering to support the Afghan refugees. Whilst it is fully appreciated that the Palms Hotel is totally unsuitable and not in a habitable state, Messrs Rosindell and White could have suggested that some of the asylum seekers might be able to stay in similar places to where the Afghan refugees will be staying. However, that idea was squashed by Mr Rosindell in his article saying Havering was already stretched to its limit given the demographics in the borough. Mr Rosindell also mentioned, quote, ‘This will be bad for the people of Havering, but it will also be bad for the asylum seekers who the Government is supposed to be protecting’, unquote.

Stretched to its limits and bad for the asylum refugees, but not stretched enough and bad enough for the Afghan refugees. I’m also reasonably confident, as well as it being a pretty safe bet, that both groups of people will include extremely vulnerable individuals with complex needs. So, we can house Afghan refugees in an overstretched borough, but not asylum seekers. Where does the council propose to house this group of people? Will there be a good range of amenities including facilities for children and disabled people? Will the nearest GP and pharmacy be less than 25 and 45 minutes away respectively, from the housing location? And will there be plenty of safe nearby outdoor green spaces for them to enjoy? Not that that really matters, because again, in less than a week, the additional resources have suddenly appeared and are now allocated to take into account the demands of service required to accommodate the expected Afghan refugees.

Mr Rosindell, you might want to think again about working with the Conservative Council Leader in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of Conservatives in positions of power – whether that’s in Parliament or in City Hall. Because, if you and your protégé don’t know what the other is doing on a week to week basis, and one keeps changing their minds on a similar time scale, there is no chance for the residents of Havering to see how effective Conservatives in positions of power, are. Not that that’s a bad thing in any way.

At the end of another busy week, two more letters were written by Mr Rosindell, and not one of them published, nor, in the first instance, no reply published either. Please, if you wish to make use of the opportunity to ‘crow’ via the media, about your letter writing skills, and how ‘good the conservatives are in power’, have the decency to publish the letters and replies. That way, everyone will be able to see exactly what you are trying to achieve and what the genuine responses are. I guess, my written pleas are a bit like your written letters, falling on deaf ears. But, your name is always up ‘front and centre.’ Onwards to the next local elections. Make sure you bring your puppet, sorry, protégé with you.

May I also point out another anomaly? Mr Rosindell, you are not the MP for Havering, you are the MP for Romford. So how do you know Havering is stretched to its limits and how it will be bad for Havering and the refugees if we were to house them? I suppose that is because you are working so closely with the Conservative Leader of the Council. That then leads to another question. Who is actually in charge of the London Borough of Havering? Also, a quick reminder, there are two other MPs in the Borough. Did you speak to both of them on this matter, or just one?

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