Mr Jones’ jesting continues.

Local resident Leo Jones continues his weekly review on the Havering Daily articles.

BREAKING: Palms Hotel to house asylum seekers.

What an absolutely brilliant letter Mr White. Genuinely, credit where credit is due. And thank you for publishing it in full in the Havering Daily. It was long on content, but full of perfect reasons why the Palms Hotel and Havering were not, and are not suitable, for taking care of the Afghan refugees. You would have thought Priti Patel, or her minions at least, would have learnt from the previous time when they tried to use the hotel for similar purposes last year.  Unfortunately, learning from ones mistakes is something many politicians and councillors fail to do on a regular basis.

Forgive my scepticism, and be honest, did you really write that all by yourself? Or did you have a little bit of help on this one? Normally, it’s your mentor, Mr Rosindell, who is the most prolific letter writer, so it wouldn’t be a problem to admit it, if he gave you a few ideas. It just seems a bit coincidental that the next day, not to miss out on some of the glory, he pops up to add his tuppence worth about the situation.

Now, having got in to such a good rhythm, wouldn’t it be a perfect opportunity for you and Mr Rosindell to get together, socially distanced of course, to pen another letter with similar explanations, to Mr Johnson? The letter should be asking him to cut back on the government’s proposed building programme that will turn Havering, specifically South Havering, (because you won’t let it happen in your back yards), in to a concrete jungle. Don’t forget the parts relating to the lack of infrastructure, local amenities etc. They could all be very useful in persuading the Prime Minister to reign in his ambitions for the borough.

That letter could also be the first suggestion you put forward in response to the article on, ‘Have your say-help to improve town centres across Havering’, whereby, as a result of such a letter, we would have more green spaces.

Sadly, not much chance on both counts, a letter, and more green spaces, but we can all dream about it.

‘Havering Council is already stretched to its limit’ – Andrew Rosindell MP

Mr Rosindell, having been recalled to Parliament by his friend Mr Johnson, (hang on, how can you still be friends with someone who sacks you as the Trade Envoy to Tanzania), decides his holiday is over and needs to ease himself back in to his role as an MP. How does he do that? The perfect opportunity arises by helping his protégé to write an ‘award winning’ letter to Priti Patel about how unfit both the Palms Hotel and Havering are, to house the Afghan refugees.

So, just 24 hours after the letter from Mr White is published and has an instant effect with Priti Patel backing down, Mr Rosindell doesn’t want to be left out of the limelight and adds his own comments by backing his protégé’s handling of the situation. Just like two peas in a pod. Though these are blue, not green.

Romford MP convinces Government to think again on Palms Hotel decisions.

And so it came to pass, things did get better instead. Not to be outdone by his protégé, Mr Rosindell also writes a letter to Priti Patel. It would appear to be the proactive and rapid reaction received by Mr White, in response to his letter, which must have prompted Mr Rosindell to write his own letter. Unfortunately, it wasn’t published in the Havering Daily. Why, is anyone guess? One might hypothesize that there wasn’t much more that could be added that hadn’t already been said in Mr White’s original letter.

Mr Rosindell did add however, how ‘working with the Conservative Leader of the Council, we were able to quickly put a stop to this patently wrong decision, demonstrating the effectiveness of Conservatives in positions of power – whether that’s in Parliament or in City Hall.’

It’s the segment in the sentence above, ‘we’ were able to quickly…’, which adds fuel to the conspiracy theory that Mr White didn’t write the first letter on his own. Because the first letter seems to have had the desired effect in stopping the proposal going ahead, they must have collaborated together on it. That’s what it says in the sentence in the article, quote, ‘By working with the conservative leader… we were able to quickly put a stop to this.’ unquote.  If that, as it appears to be, is the case, why was second letter needed?

Actually, the whole sentence about ‘working with the conservative leader etc..’ leaves one wondering why Mr Rosindell had to mention about the Leader of the Council being a Conservative and the effectiveness of the Conservatives in positions of power, in the first place. It’s quite simple. Just as I predicted two weeks ago, after the holidays are over, it’s the Conservatives who have started the political points scoring in the run up to the local elections next year.

I have asked on many previous occasions, for both Messrs Rosindell and White to publish their letters in the Havering Daily, as well as the replies they receive. Sadly, it doesn’t always happen. In fact it rarely happens. If you are writing on behalf of your constituents or residents, believe it or not, many of us are very interested to know what you have said and the replies you have received. There can’t be any state secrets in such letters, or, are there?

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