Mr Jones’ jesting continues.

Leo Jones continues his weekly jesting on the articles in the Havering Daily.

It’s been one of those weeks when there has been a remarkably wide variety of material to choose from. To name just a few, there was the proposed removal of some local phone boxes and a bomb scare in Romford. Then there was the confiscation of thousands of illegal cigarettes as well the H.R.A asking residents to have their say on improvements to their local town centres.  And, Mr Rosindell’s comments about the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan as well as the council’s plan for a living Covid Memorial. Decisions, decisions, but you have to start somewhere.

Phone box consultation across Havering.

The question concerning the proposed removal of the telephone boxes could be solved quite easily. It is reasonable to assume the idea is due to a lack of use, as most people now have mobile phones. Red telephone boxes were, and still are, a British icon. If BT want to remove them, what might be a nice gesture, is for them to be left in situ and BT hand them over to a preservation society to look after. Has anyone seen the number of people who take photographs of themselves and their friends at any of the four red phone boxes, (yes, four, all within 100 meters), in Great North Street, London?

‘There has been a catastrophic misjudgement by the United States in withdrawing their forces too soon.’- Andrew Rosindell MP 

There is nothing wrong with Mr Rosindell commenting on the rights or wrongs of the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan. It’s just the same as me commenting on the articles in the Havering Daily. Our wonderful freedom of speech, subject to affecting the masses, allows us to write as we do. The problem, figuratively speaking, is the fact that whilst we can write about it, we can’t actually do anything about it. However, by way of good fortune to be in such a position, it is a great opportunity to express one’s views or opinions. And I, like Mr Rosindell, am very happy for others to express their views or opinions if they would like too, in the ‘Leave a Reply’ box below.

Council Leader’s statement on the climate pledge report.

Mr White’s statement on the Climate pledge report, quoted, ‘Havering Council, (sic we), will make a commitment to do all we can to make sure we are more ambitious for the council to try and reach this by 2040, or before if possible.’ unquote, doesn’t really say a lot. On top of that, the action plan due to be published in November will only show how the council will intend to meet that commitment. Mr Whitehasn’t actually said what the council will do to affect climate change, and neither will the report. So Mr White, you can be as ambitious and committed as you like in supporting the Government, but what are Havering Council’s practical plans to affect climate change? 

The flooding problem caused by ‘climate change’ could, as previously stated, be resolved by the regular clearing of the drains and gullies. To prove the point Mr White, as you are always saying the council needs to save money, why not cut back on the maintenance of all council vehicles? Given the number, it would be a substantial saving. Somehow, I don’t think there would be much chance of that, as both you and I, and everyone else knows, it will cost considerably more to repair or replace when they break down due to the lack of regular servicing. So it is, when you fail to have the drains and gullies cleared. The build-up of rubbish etc., over a long period time will always cause the drains to block and overflow, thereby causing flooding. Want to give my idea a try to prove who is right or wrong? Didn’t think so.

Tell you what you could change Mr White, is the picture used in the article. It’s old and dated. How about a nice new set of ‘selfies’ similar to those of your mentor? They too could be taken in various local locations. Send them to the Havering Daily and I am sure they will be more than happy to update their stock photos.

Councillor Sally Miller apologises to the Havering Daily.

So, ‘Silly’ Miller apologises unreservedly to the Havering Daily. How magnanimous, given the stupidity of the comments in the first place. I guess Sally would like to think it’s all over. Sadly, it probably is now. DW and his motley crew will be breathing great sighs of relief because they won’t have to cook up some feeble excuse to cover it up, and Sally will continue to sit back in the ‘Chair’ laughing all the way to the bank.

Thanks Sally, you did yourself and the council proud by way of those comments. If all you think is necessary, is an apology to the Havering Daily, what about everyone else? To the residents of Havering, the voters of Elm Park, who you conned, and Stephanie and Barry, who you conned as well.

Now Sally, is the perfect opportunity for you to redeem yourself. Actually earn your money as Chair of the Sub Committee for Crime and Disorder, by way of you and your cohorts doing something genuine and constructive to improve the crime and disorder in the borough. I won’t hold my breath, but happy to be proven wrong.

And, will the council remove the podcast from their website, or will they, instead, redact the spoken comments? NO, not a b****dy chance in hell! That would be tantamount to agreeing that ‘Silly’s’ comments were wrong all along. As said above, care to prove me wrong?

Victory as Upminster Road North to be resurfaced next month.

What a great shame that Mr Cruddas has to keep on at the council about the state of the roads in Rainham, (not con controlled). Our great Councillor Dervish, Cabinet Member for Environment said, quote, “Residents told us they were concerned about the quality of roads and pavements, we listened and the investment has seen a huge improvement across the borough. There is still work to do but the programme is continuing to provide residents with better roads and pavements.” unquote.

Brilliant! He is quite clearly able to listen to the resident’s concerns, but not those of the local MP. That’s not playing politics is it Mr Dervish? He is, however, quite correct, when he states there is still work to do. The council is so far behind in their repairs, that even in 2019, after listening to residents who said a priority for them was to see pavements and roads improved, the Council’s committed ploughing of £10 million a year over four years, wouldn’t touch the surface, pun intended, of the current situation.

We have the perfect opportunity for you Mr Dervish, to listen to the local residents again. The dangerous state of our local footpath was reported to you back in May 2021. Take a few quid of this year’s £10million and get it repaired please. Are you listening?

Estate Improvement Programme back underway following pandemic.

Great to know that the Council-owned housing estates across Havering are set for major improvement works over the next five years as part of the Council’s pledge to ensure no resident is left behind. Forgive the cynicism, but how does any resident get ‘left behind’ during council-owned housing estate improvements?

Superb idea to improve the look, feel and safety of some, (just some, not all), of the borough’s Council-owned estates. This will include painting and exterior decorating work, grounds and footpath upgrades, and a complete overhaul of bike and pram sheds. Shock, horror, stand back in amazement! How many residents leave their bikes or prams in ‘sheds’? Sounds good, but overhauling them won’t make them any safer, or more residents use them. Will the council replace any items stolen from the overhauled bike and pram sheds? No, not whilst the sun is still shining!

The one thing that all residents of council-owned estates would like, and what the council conveniently chooses to ignore, is simply the Waterloo and Queen Street Estate approach; where the heart of each scheme will be high-quality public open spaces, a village garden, 159 trees, bat and bird boxes, bug hotels, and all buildings to enjoy green and brown roofs. And to top it all off, workspaces and technology solutions for residents working from home. Is that what is meant by ensuring ‘no resident is left behind’? Say it often enough at every consultation and it might, just might, sink in. No, that’s apathy for you!

Looks like they weren’t able to find you a different colour Hi Vizon this occasion?

Have your say-help to improve town centres across Havering.

Very simple, to the Havering Council who are looking for suggestions how they can:

​1. Make people feel safer and more comfortable in our town centres.

​    Suggest.  Put more police on the streets. No, the council can’t do that, it’s out of their hands.

​    B****r, that’s the improvement scuppered.

​2. Improve public spaces making them more attractive, pleasant, vibrant, memorable places to

​    visit & to spend time in

​    Suggest.  Spend some money doing up the places we already have and, regrettably, improve

​    the security of these places. See 1 above.

​3. Provide more green spaces to relax and socialise in.

​    Suggest. Stop over development of the borough and create more green spaces. See 1 & 2

​    above.

​4. Make it easier for people travelling to arrive into the town centres.

​    Suggest. Introduce short term free parking in all Town Centre car parks and phase the traffic

​    lights correctly in and around Romford Town Centre so drivers don’t have to stop-start every

​    150 meters between sets of lights.

​5. Provide a clean and healthy environment for all.

​    Suggest. A very difficult one as public transport cannot get everyone to where they all want to

​    go. Alright for the younger generation, but extremely difficult for the elderly and disabled who

​    cannot rely on public transport.  See 4 above.

There’s a few suggestions for you. For everyone else, add yours to a postcard and send it to Mr White, care of Havering Council. Don’t get me started on apathy again.

One of the most important, yet sadly, the one with the least amount of uptake, is responding to the opportunity afforded to residents when asked for their comments, suggestions and ideas as to how to take the community forward as a whole. This is the perfect occasion for you to have your say. Because when you don’t, the council will just do as they please knowing the residents will not, and do not care. Apathy is a sad fact of life and nothing gets done by ‘you’ through apathy. Have your say, and if those who ask ignore you, then there is the real opportunity to change things in the local elections. There I go again, apathy and Utopia, two highly contrasting ideals.

B****r. Wrong again, it’s ‘bother’!

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  • 23rd August 2021 at 4:39 pm

    absolutely brilliantly acidic and witty. only stumbled across this by accident,the internet is useful (sometimes)


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