Could there be more mounds?


Former Hylands ward councillor Jody Ganly today writes about the concerns by residents living near the new Harrow Lodge sports complex.

Residents of St. Leonard’s Estate Hornchurch were shocked and dismayed to hear that a further application for more mounds in Harrow Lodge Park has been applied for by Havering Council.  Homeowners in Wallis Close have suffered flooding to their back gardens since mud and spoil from the new sports centre build has been piled up at the back of their houses.  A recent application was passed by the planning department to lower the height of the mounds and grass them over.

Now another application is being sought for another mound next to the existing one and will effect home owners in Creasey, Henderson and Pett Close on St. Leonard’s Estate.  There are also plans to include further mounds at the back of the temporary car park site next to the River Ravensbourne.

One Resident commented “It’s like the Council are giving themselves permission to fly tip in the Park and then cover it up as landscaping”.

Another commented “This new application would leave a gully between the two mounds, we could end up with a new stream at the back of our houses, the soil is so clay based.”

On reading the new planning application statement it would appear that there were no provisions in place in the first planning application to dispose and remove the spoil from the new build.  The new application states that there was more material than originally anticipated.

You can view the planning application P0245.21 here, and if you would like to comment or object to the application you have until the 22nd March.

The Havering Daily has contacted the Council and are waiting for a quote.

2 thoughts on “Could there be more mounds?

  • 15th March 2021 at 12:45 pm

    Wow, a con controlled ward of residents and voters being upset by the local council seeking to add an additional mound of mud near their properties. Most unusual. Guess there’s only one way to resolve the problem and that will be to vote the idiots who pass this proposal, out, at the next council elections. Probably won’t happen so there won’t be any sympathy on my part and those of many others, afterwards. There are plenty of other brown field sites where such spoil could be dumped and would not prove an eyesore, nor present a future hazard to local residents. For the council, it’s the easier option. If it does go ahead, I hope the voters of the Hylands ward will prove me wrong, but…. it will be no doubt be all noise, and no action. Conspiracy theorists would say that this is something the council proposes, but will not really push through, being a con controlled ward, and the council will then rest on their laurels as to how much they considered the local residents views. Called ‘buying votes’, as opposed to gerrymandering.

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