Back Our Bobbies: Inspector Sutton, the man tackling crime head on in east London.


Inspector Jake Sutton from East Area police and his team are the officers who investigate crime across Havering,Barking and Dagenham and Redbridge and are responsible for the reduction of crime across east London.

Jake is in charge of Mis team, the Investigation Support Team that investigates all crimes when they are first reported. As a police officer, Jake is there to help the community and being a Met officer Jake does this very well.

“We are the first port of call when people report a crime. The work load for us is vast. We are team based in Barking with six sergeants, 45 police constables and myself as the inspector. The team was formed two years ago to provide better service for the public,” said Jake. And this they have clearly done as crime solving has increased with an amazing feedback response from the public.

“We are very thorough in what we do. We go through hours of CCTV and everything else we can find. We offer a premium service to the public and engage with the victims the best way we can.”

Jake is a very experienced and hard working officer who has dedicated his life in serving the public to the best of his ability.

“I joined the Met 16 years ago and have worked in neighbourhood policing, safer transport and other roles across East Area. I wanted to do something challenging and to make a difference and being a police officer I can do this.

“The biggest buzz I get is bringing offenders to justice. In my team we aggressively pursue every opportunity to bring people to justice. I’d like the public to see us for the helpful organisation we are and not as the enemy. We do many, many things that always go unnoticed. We are not one dimensional.

“Covid has been a real challenge to us. Society has changed its way of working, but for us we have had to carry on as usual. Nothing has changed. We have had to get on with it. We have all been concerned about it and bringing it back to our families but we carry on and do our job.”

Not only do Jake and his officers do their job well but they also keep our community safe during unprecedented times when most of us have not left our homes. Let’s spare them a thought and give them a smile when we see our officers on the street. Our officers are heroes in uniforms who do an incredible job.

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