Appeal: Help save thousands of trees!

The Havering Daily is backing a campaign to plant a thousand trees in the borough. Havering’s Extinction Rebellion are looking to help save thousands of two year old oak saplings that need to be urgently rescued before they are turned into mulch.

750,000 oak saplings were planted in response to Government indications that they would subsidise landowners to plant trees. However, the demand has not yet materialised and the nurseries cannot keep the unwanted trees. The trees will be going to the mulcher unless they can be sold.

Extinction Rebellion have stepped in to try and save these trees before they are destroyed. Here, locally the Havering branch are trying to rescue a thousand of the trees to be planted across the borough.

The team have set up a crowd funder to raise just over £700 to have the opportunity to bring these trees to our borough. They are appealing to people to please help them re-home these beautiful trees across Havering.

Councillor Jan Sargent who is an animal and environment campaigner has given her support to this campaign and told the Havering Daily: “We need our trees. Trees are vital. They are the biggest plants on our planet, they give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilise the soil and give life to the world’s wildlife.”

Nick West from the South Hornchurch Labour Action Team is also backing this campaign and told the Havering Daily: “This campaign is a no brainer to back if you can spare a few quid. Havering could really benefit from more trees. Not just because it will improve our air quality but I also think it will are look much nicer too.

“Rush Green Road is a great example of how an are can look so much nicer when trees are planted around it. I think all areas of Havering should have the chance to benefit from a nicer looking area and cleaner and much safer air to breathe.”

If you would like to donate to help save these trees, please see the link below.

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