“Government has vastly inflated the seriousness of Covid-19” – councillor’s response to concerned mother.

A Rainham mother of two concerned about the safety of her children returning to school in September was shocked to receive a response from her local councillor telling her that the Government has vastly inflated the seriousness of Covid-19 and that they have been promoting fear porn.

Stacey, who is disabled, has two children one of whom has high-level asthma that frequently lands him in the hospital when he catches a cold. Concerned about him returning to school in September Stacey has been in contact with BRTUS a nationwide parent-led group that has been campaigning on the safer reopening of schools.

She also decided to contact her local councillors in Rainham and was very shocked with the response she received from Councillor David Durant.

Stacey told the Havering Daily: “I reached out to my local councillors as I was looking to get the council’s opinion on schools as I am concerned about sending my children back especially my youngest who is high risk with asthma. I wondered if I could continue to home school them until such a time as the risks are lowered.

“I couldn’t believe the response I received! I had to read it twice to make sure I wasn’t reading it incorrectly. He told me that the Government has promoted fear porn, that almost no children suffered from or transmitted the virus and then sent me a link to a far right group!

“That wasn’t the response I was expecting and I really felt it wasn’t professional at all. He is an elected member I don’t understand why he is giving a response like this. He has now reinforced my view to look further for help.”

Jenifer from BRTUS told the Havering Daily: “We are an exclusively parent-led group who campaign on the safer reopening of schools.

“Stacey was absolutely appalled at the response, and got in touch with us. Not only has the Cllr incorrectly stated that children rarely transmit the disease, but he’s also cited a far right group ‘Keep Britain Free’ as evidence! Is Cllr Durant an epidemiologist?

“We have a petition with change.org on the school fines which is nearing 100k signatures. Link here:

“Last week three of our members were on the briefing on schools with independent SAGE by invitation, the video of this on their official YouTube channel.

“Cllr Durant would do well to follow the science rather than the conspiracy theorist websites!
We continue to campaign for a sensible, safe, and sustainable reopening of schools in September.”

In response Councillor David Durant told the Havering Daily: “Anyone who does any research can see that this has been vastly disproportionate. Lockdown was a huge mistake that will have a massive knock-on effect. More people will be dying because of lockdown from cancelled operations and treatments.

“The Government telling people staying indoors is good for you is nonsense. The figures were inflated. There will be massive economic victims.

“Schools are safe, it is the Government promoting fear porn. Once you terrorise people they are scared. Children are more likely to get struck by lightning than catch Covid-19.”

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