Vulnerable 21 year old attacked by drug user.


A vulnerable 21 year old currently residing in Abercrombie hostel in Harold Hill was verbally assaulted on Sunday by a drug addict also staying at the hostel.

Mollie, who featured in the Havering Daily last week was staying at the Harold Hill hostel with her 11 month son whilst accommodation is found for her.

Mollie is pregnant and suffers with mental health issues and has had problems living at the hostel due to other residents who are believed to be drug users.

After highlighting the issue to us at the Havering Daily Mollie was verbally assaulted by one of the drug users at the Hilldene shopping area on Sunday.

Mollie said: “I was out with my son on Sunday as I don’t like staying at the hostel. The smell of cannabis comes through the walls and I worry for my son. As I walked along Hilldene one of the drug users from the hostel came up to me and got right close up to me and tried to intimidate me. She cut across me and leant right across my buggy to stop me from walking. She told me I had to watch what I say and that she had seen the article about the drug users in the hostel.

“She accused me of slandering her and was really intimidating me by being right up close to me. I felt scared and as I am pregnant I felt quite sick and she made fun of me suffering from morning sickness.”

As a result of this assault, Mollie is now living with her Godmother as she fears further reprecussions from the drug users at the hostel.

The woman who assaulted her is believed to be well known in the area and banned from numerous shops due issues of theft.

Mollie has been working with the housing team to get her rehoused as soon as possible.

A spokesperson for the Council told: “

“We have a duty of care to all residents in our borough, so we take any allegations of wrong-doing, especially on our properties, very seriously. Drug use is strictly prohibited in our homeless hostels, and we have taken action against any individuals involved in this incident. “We are working closely with the vulnerable resident mentioned in this story to find suitable alternative accommodation for her and her son.”

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