The First Business Day After Leaving the EU.

Havering Business’ Simon Ford today writes in the Havering Daily about the impact of Brexit within the borough’s businesses.

After 47 years of being in the EU do we look forward to the next 47 years?

Simon Ford believes as a human race we are very adaptable to change. 

The next 47 years will see a lot of change for businesses, especially with technology advancing. 

How things have changed in the last 20 years, let alone 47 years ago! In Havering the population has had a massive growth and it is set to continue.

In the last 47 years, we have seen the closure of five hospitals within the Havering area but more importantly, what we have seen is a growing population.  The temporary flyover of Gallows Corner with more cars on the road. The local infrastructure has not changed which brings a big strain on society.

We can sit behind keyboards and be negative towards any situation, everyone who voted in the Referendum has their different opinion. That is the beauty of democracy. 

But being negativity is never good for business or any situation. We should embrace and encourage positive confidence in this new era. 

With this new chapter, we should support and encourage local businesses with help from local and central government.

 I am sure we will look back in a few year’s time and say remember the good old days. If we do not support our community the art of communication and support will be lost forever, 

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